How to Get Over the House That Got Away

As a prospective homebuyer in Sioux Falls, SD, the decision to own your dream home can be an emotional one—especially if you are a first-time homebuyer. When the real estate market is competitive there is always a chance of someone buying the house out from underneath you.

Maybe the seller received a better offer or sold the home to a cash buyer? These are heartbreaking scenarios and you might just find yourself grieving for the loss of (what you felt was) your dream home. If you ever end up in such a situation, the team at Amy Stockberger Real Estate is here to help with advice on how to get over the house that got away.

Start by Acknowledging Your Heartbreak

The biggest mistake that you can make is to pretend that you are not heartbroken. If you lost out on what you thought was the perfect house, acknowledge that it happened and accept that it hurts.

Maybe you had already started furniture shopping or chosen the paint colors for certain rooms? If your dream house gets snatched up by another homebuyer, realize there will be some grieving moments; however, grieving should not last forever. Always try to keep a positive outlook because the best housing deals may just be around the corner!

Use This Time to Learn

Once you go through the grieving process, you’ll gradually snap back to reality and concede that the house is gone and there’s nothing you could’ve done. Now that you feel like your dreams of the perfect home have been dashed, it’s time to dust yourself off, pick up the pieces, and take away some key lessons as you prepare to move forward.

Ask yourself some critical questions such as: Was my dream home beyond my budget? Was my ideal home in a highly competitive neighborhood? Did I make any mistakes during the offer process? If so, industry experts like the ones at Amy Stockberger Real Estate can make sure you don’t make the same mistakes twice.

After you've answered these questions you’ll have an easier time accepting why you lost out on your dream home. You should, however, remain hopeful that you’ll find another great house (if not better) once you set new goals.

Revive the House-Hunting Process

Whether you’re a buyer or seller, a real estate transaction can be a trying time. While it’s important to manage your emotions when selling a home, it’s just as crucial to overcome the heartbreak of feeling like you missed out on your dream home.

You’ve had time to grieve. You’ve addressed any mistakes that might have been made along the way. You may have even gained some knowledge about the homebuying process. So what’s next? It’s time to take this fresh perspective and begin a new house-hunting journey!

With the lessons learned, new goals in place, and revised strategies ready to be tested, you should be able to shorten the homebuying process and approach the housing market with a renewed sense of confidence. Once you succeed in buying a home, you can transition into a proud homeowner and slowly forget about the one that got away.